Thursday, November 02, 2006

Trick or Treat!! Kelvin The Red Power Ranger!

Last night we took Kelvin Trick or Treating! We are in San Diego at my parents house and my mom and I took him out to her neighbors. He wore his Power Red Ranger costume that he had picked out weeks ago and we wrapped him around a warm blanket put him in his chair and went out. He was excited, he had been sleeping most of the day but when we told him if he wanted to go out he smiled and said "OK". I dressed him up and gave him a bag and we were off! It was great!! We would go up to the homes and he would say "Trick or Treat" and would put out his bag. It was wonderful to see him smile and excited! Most of the neighbors new his story and would give him hand fulls of candy! They would tell him how they were praying for him and he would say "I beat another monster before and I am going to beat this one!" I felt such joy watching my little warrior! He just does not want to give up! He is so amazing!
I pray that we will have more holidays together and that this will be one of many Halloween's to come! It brings him such joy! He tells me "Mommy Christmas is coming!" I tell him that he was such a good boy that he already had Christmas this year. He responds "Mommy I am such a good boy that Santa is giving me 2 Christmas' this year!" I tell him yes and continue to pray and beg God to let me keep him a while longer. It is so strange to think of having holidays without him. I try not to imagine this because it just can't happen! The moment he was born my life was changed! My life had true meaning, all the holidays had a extra special meaning! I was sharing them with a little baby a baby that made us go from Frank & Rocio the couple to The Montagner Family! He made us a family! I can't imagine living everyday without him! It just can't happen! Miracles happen and I continue to pray and ask you all to pray for a Miracle!! Sometimes I get so scared and then I get so angry at myself for thinking negative! I can't doubt! I have to continue to BELIEVE that a miracle will come true! Seeing him in his costume reminds me of his first Halloween when I dressed him up as the Snuggle Teddy Bear! He was so cute, only 4 months! I remember walking over to my neighbors carrying him and they would just laugh and Kelvin would just giggle! All my neighbors would make special little treats for him because he was the new baby in the block! What joy he brought them! Every year I remember every costume and how we carved our first pumpkin! He loved sticking his hand in and pulling out the seeds! He loved it until he was 4 then it became "Gross mommy! They are so slippery!" He loved getting the sharpy and making the face and if daddy did not cut it exactly like Kelvin wanted it he would get mad! Frank had to explain to him that he needed to carve the eyes a little bigger so that the light would come out and then he would be all right! What fun! These memories will live forever! A friend wrote to Kelvin and said "The monsters will never win! They will never win because you will live forever!" They are so right! Kelvin will live forever! He will always be here in my heart and in my mind! He will always be remembered as a warrior, a fighter who continues to fight and never gives up! I pray that God is listening and sees the fight that Kelvin is putting up! He needs to win!
I am attaching a picture of my little Power Ranger! He chose the red one because the Red Ranger is the leader! He is the strongest of the rangers who always defends his companions and is the first to go into battle! He believes that he is a super hero and I believe him when he tells me that he will defeat what ever monsters get in his way! He says he is not afraid of any monster because he is "THE MOST POWERFUL RANGER, THE RED POWER RANGER!"
Praying for Miracles,

Here is my little worrior!!

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