Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Keep the Prayers Coming!! From Rocio Montagner

As I sit here that familiar fear enters my heart, Kelvin had been improving but seems to be declining once again! He has stop walking completely once again stating his legs hurt and has not been able to sleep for the past 2 nights. This morning he started to vomit, he has not vomited in weeks! As you well know our hearts are sinking once again! How could this be happening? Had been doing so well! Why???? Please, I ask you all to continue to pray for my angel, he says he is not ready to go to heaven! I believe him! He tries so hard to smile and to be happy even though he is not feeling well. He is such a fighter and I feel will not give up! Its so hard to let go as a mother I want nothing else but to hold my little boy and tell him that all will be all right and that this is just something that will go away and he will once again be able to run and play like he use too! Life is so unfair sometimes! Don't get me wrong, I am thanking God for each and every day he has given us with our Kelvin and continue to pray that he gives us many, many more! The holidays are so difficult too! This can not be happening now! Kelvin has been telling everyone "I have been such a good boy that I get 2 Christmas' this year!" Please I beg you all to keep Kelvin in every prayer you say today and for the days to come! In my heart I want to believe that he will survive this horrible beast and that this will all be just a terrible memory!
Begging for your prayers,

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