Sunday, November 05, 2006

Kelvin is my Hero!! Rocio Montagner

Today was a good day! Kelvin had some visitors and he enjoyed them!! He has tried his best to stand and walk but his feet are so weak but he says he will do better tomorrow! He is unstoppable! He also wants to take a bubble bath tomorrow!! He has been improving, he is not as confused or sleepy!! We have been giving him alternative treatments of vitamins and minerals and other things to help him feel better and they have been working! God has been helping my little angel respond! As you all know we just don't want to give up!! Kelvin continues to tell me that HE WILL DEFEAT THIS MONSTER!! I believe him, and I believe him when he tells me that he spoke to God and told him that he would see Him when he was old and ready!! As a mother I will try what ever I can to keep him with us!! I love him so much and can't stand the thought of loosing him!! His appetite is still very low and well this does worry me so much! I try to offer him little snacks during the day in hopes he will consume some calories and get stronger. He is so thin! I look at pictures of him and I just can't believe how much weight he has lost!! I pray that he will gain weight soon!! I refuse to believe that he will leave us, he still has so much to do and so many plans he has to full fill! He continues to insist he will go on the Disney cruise and I agree with him! I know he will!! We are praying that he gets strong enough to go soon!! I did not realize how many more things you can do to help defeat cancer!! We were never told how horrible and dangerous sugar is when you have cancer!! Cancer feeds on sugar and you should eliminate it from your diet!! Vitamins and minerals are also so important!! We were never told of this either!! I just get so mad at myself for not looking into these things before and just did as we were told!!
I am attaching some pictures of the Gala we attended. Kelvin looks so happy!! He was!! I am so glad we went!! These memories will stay with us forever!! One of these pictures was published in the Spanish magazine "Vanidades" it was the October issue with the pink ribbon at the end of the title! Kelvin saw it and says he is a star!! He is right, he is my little STAR!!
We pray that tomorrow will bring good things and more improvement in Kelvin's health!! He is a fighter and will conquer this monster!!
Praying for a Miracle!!

Kelvin with Billy Bush and Lamce Armstrong

With Billy Bush

With Eva Longoria and Lance Armstrong

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