Saturday, December 09, 2006

Struggling Financially - Rocio Montagner

I have been updating you all about bringing Kelvin to Mexico for treatment, he has needed to get more low dose radiation and some MRI's & CT scans you just imagine what a financial drain it has been for our family, especially since Frank has not worked since Kelvin was diagnosed "Terminal". We are spending approx $5500.00 a week on treatment plus lodge & food which is another $450.00 a week. We have been coming now for 6 weeks so you can imagine how much we have spent so far. This is not including the extra cost that are not covered by the weekly treatment cost which have been about $4,500.00.
Kelvin's teacher set up a fund for Kelvin a few months ago, it is registered with the IRS as a nonprofit fund so I believe any donations would be tax deductible. I have tried not to ask but we have reached this point now so if you can donate we would greatly appreciate it!! We feel terrible asking during the holidays but must. We believe we will be coming an additional 2 weeks so are in need. Kelvin's account is at Wells Fargo Bank of California:
Thank you all again for all your prayers, we continue to need them!!
Kelvin has lost use of his left eye and we need to continue to treat it, he says he needs it to pay video games!

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