Sunday, January 31, 2010

Vintage Photos of Lawrence "Larry" De la O


James & Lynne said...

Randy: Cafe De La O is the greatest! I hope the whole extended De La O family becomes involved. Lynne Roe (Step-daughter to Larry De La O)

Little Wing said...

Hello Lynne Roe,
I am Alita de la O. Rogers' Daughter. Roger (Donald R. de la O)
is the Son (biological) of Larry. Donald "Rogers" mom is Gloria J. Villegas. Still living in Los Angeles. I have heard of you before. When I went to Larrys' and Panchita's home. He always spoke highly of you. The last time I was there we were singing songs in spanish and the only pic he gave me were burned in a fire. But it is good to know another side of the family. my facebook is little wing Alita. if you want to be friends.

Little Wing Alita said...

Thanks for the slide show. I look forward to seeing more. I know he had tons of pics.