Monday, October 27, 2014

A Bowl of Pozole

Pozole or Posole

Pozole condiments 

The Dog Days of Summer are behind us now and the cooler weather is coming. Over the last decade or so, Fall has become my favorite season. It spells relief from the heat. It's easier to find comfort.

Fall also means soups and stews. My wife will show her Texas roots by making a Tex Mex Guisado, a beef stew Tex Mex style (the leftovers make good a burrito filling). Caldo de Pollo, Cocido, Chile Verde and Chile Colorado are also perfect for the season. At the top of the list is Pozole - in New Mexico it is spelled Posole - and that is what we made last night. Pork shoulder,pig feet (optional), hominy and red chile (We use New Mexico Red Chile). The proper condiments are cabbage, radishes, onions, cilantro, and lemons or limes. This is comfort food. It does't get any simpler or any better than this.

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